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Chairman and Executive Director
Name:Mr. Zhou Zhiyan
Mr. Zhou Zhiyan is the chairman and executive...
Executive Director
Name:Mr. Zhang Mingjie
Mr. Zhang Mingjie is an executive director of...
Executive Director
Name:Mr. Si Wenpei
Mr. Si Wenpei, is the supervisor of the Comp...
Executive Director
Name:Mr. Xiao Yuman
Mr. Xiao Yuman is an executive director, the ...
Executive Director
Name:Mr. Xia Sicheng
Mr. Xia Sicheng currently serves as an execut...
Non-Executive Director
Name:Mr. Dong Yeshun
Mr. Dong Yeshun is a non-executive director o...
Independent Non-Executive Director
Name:Mr. Ling Hong
Mr. Ling Hong is an independent non-executive...
Independent Non-Executive Director
Name:Mr. Chan Oi Fat
Mr. Chan Oi Fat is an independent non-executi...
Independent Non-Executive Director
Name:Mr. Sun Zechang
Mr. Sun Zechang is an independent non-executi...
Chairman of the Supervisory Committee and Supervisor
Name:Ms. Zhang yan
Ms. Zhang Yan is the supervisor and chairman ...
Name:Ms. Lu Haixing
Ms. Lu Haixing is a supervisor of the Company...
Name:Mr. Yu Yun
Mr. Yu Yun is a supervisor of the Company as ...
Name:Mr. Chen Xuewen
Mr. Chen Xuewen is the president of the Compa...
Deputy General Manager
Name:Mr. Chen Hui
Mr. Chen Hui is the vice president of the Com...
Deputy General Manager
Name:Mr. Zhu Jun
Mr. Zhu Jun is the vice president of the Comp...
Deputy General Manager
Name:Ms. Bao Ye
Ms. Bao Ye is the vice president of the Compa...
Chief Financial Officer
Name:Mr. Ng Kwong, Alexander
Mr. Ng Kwong, Alexander is the chief financia...
Brief Introduction

Shanghai Prime Machinery Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "PMC") is a large-scale enterprise specialized in machinery parts and components manufacturing and services under Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, the flagship equipment manufacturer of China. On April 2006, upon established by substantial shareholders, such as Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation which owns 47.2% equity interest, PMC successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and becomes a H share international listed corporation (stock code: 2345.HK).

PMC is an integrated service provider of machinery parts and components, covers 5 business as Automotive Fastener, Industrial Fastener, Turbine Blade, Bearing, and Cutting Tool engaged in the design, manufacture and sale.

PMC commits to develop advanced manufacturing technology and production services for machinery parts and components and it shows positive growth momentum since its listing. Currently, the turbine blade business is one of the largest specialized manufacturer in the world; the bearing business is one of the bearing and related repairing and maintenance service suppliers designated by the State, the production base of precision miniature bearings used in aerospace and aviation and the automobile bearing supplier; the cutting tool business is one of the leading cutting tool manufacturer in the PRC, specializing in manufacturing large modern metal cutting tools; the industrial fastener business is one of the biggest fastener export companies in the PRC, the automotive fastener is the global leader with 125 years’ history.

Since its listing, PMC established management models based on the idea of group operation with the company itself as investment centre and subsidiaries as profit centre. For managing its subsidiaries, the company implements strategic control, financial control and internal audit control. With the key staff management and performance assessment, it secures a complete and effective management system. It also initially sets up a management information system to support the management mode.

Based on the solid foundation in manufacturing advanced machinery parts and components and the core businesses, PMC adheres to its development direction towards modern production industries such as trading and logistics, and establishes a new information-based supply chain management service platform. Building on the interactive of the business operations and raising capital, it sets to provide quality and efficient machinery parts and components for the domestic and international manufacturers and strives to become an integrated service provider of machinery parts and components in the PRC.


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