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Industrial Fastener

PMC industrial fastener, including the special professional products with ultra- high strength, ultra- large specifications and ultra- corrosion resistance and the general high- strength products that meet various standards and performance levels, is a renowned supplier of fastener solutions with complete product outlines both at home and abroad. Its products have been widely used in various industry fields such as construction, energy, transportation, metallurgy, machinery, rail transit, as well as wind power, etc, appealing to more than 1,000 customers worldwide wining the company a very high leading position in the industrial fastener industry for many years.

The latest coating technology of PMC, namely Greenkote, not only enables PMC fasteners to have super- strong corrosion resistance, damage resistance and high temperature resistance, as well as strong adhesion, but also frees it from hydrogen embrittlement risk and environmental pollution. Such products, which are especially suitable for connecting the connection pairs in troque- based construction, have already been applied to the major projects such as Chornobyl nuclear power station, Goldwind Technology Wind Power, rail trainsit, and marine engineering equipment etc.

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