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PMC bearing business includes high- end, precision and micro- scale aviation bearings and medical device bearings (Tian' an SW), rail transit and automation products (coupling shaft SG) to automobile bearings (United Bearing SX), covering deep groove ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, semi- rigid bearings, tension wheel bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, high -speed bearings and the related mechanical parts with bearing processing technology as the core. And such product have mainly been applied to the fields of aerospace, aviation, medical instruments, rail transit, robots and automation, ships, nuclear power, industrial equipment, automobile engine systems, gear boxes, steering machines, transmission shafts, electric drive motors, generators, and agricultural machinery, etc. In addition, the intelligent bearings, bus rapid transit, new energy vehicles and other products will provide more extensive development space for PMC bearings and will connect now and future.

With excellent technical research and development team, professional product devel-opment capability, high- end testing center, first- class industry customers, multiple qualification certifications and 35 invention patents and new utility patents, PMC bearing is becoming an indispensable partner for users in various application fields and will be a irreplaceable choice.

Bearing Brand

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