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Cutting Tool

PMC working tool business plays a leading role in the domestic market in its working tool business, with a full range of products reaching different places in the world with its high efficacy and good reputation.

The rolling twist drills series products for hole processing tools and the machine taps series products for thread cutting tools both are domestic market leaders.

The milling- reamer tool has been widely used for sawing various materials in mechanical processing.

The gear tool has been widely used for processing various parts such as gears, worm gears, splines, sprockets, synchronous belt wheel etc.

And the continuously innovated and expanded CNC hard alloy tool has been widely used in the fields of high precision, high efficiency and high speed machining, including automobile, mould, aerospace and electronic communication industries etc. £¬to meet the market¡¯s needs and provides solution for the full tool business.

Cutting Tool Brand

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